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Launceston Flagship Architecture – The Federation

I was recently doing an Auction in South Launceston. It was a circa 1900 Federation style cottage and it made me think how iconic that style of home is on…


Off Market Sales are on the Rise

With the low levels of properties on the market in Launceston at the moment we are finding that the occurrence of an off market sale is becoming a lot more…


How Often Does a House Sell?

I recently had the pleasure of selling a home for a family on behalf of their father who had moved into aged care. The home was full of memories as…


Is virtual reality a reality in Real Estate

As we all know technology is changing the way we live. Having been involved in the very first real estate web site in Australia I can tell you technology in…


Home Staging

Home Staging is not just for the top end. We've recently been noticing how furnishing vacant homes is having such a tangible effect on the sales process. Home staging is…


The Ultimate Moving Checklist

A successful home move requires good project management. And any experienced project manager will tell you that time management is the key to a good outcome. Being in control of…


What is a downsizer?

What is a down sizer and what are they looking for in Launceston? A typical down sizer is someone approaching retirement or already there and looking to move from their existing…


Preparing your home for winter

Tania, Mary and Naaman share some tips and tricks that will ensure your home is ready for those colder months ahead. Find out more about tenant mould prevention.


Tips & Tricks for Moving House with Kids

Moving house is an exciting time but it can also be stressful. It’s a big upheaval and the disruption can create panic. Children aren’t immune to this and that’s why…


The First Home on the Property Ladder

I think it has always been hard getting onto the property ladder. A client of mine who immigrated from Italy in the 50’s told me about his first house he…


Ever wondered what your home is worth?

It is always good to keep your finger on the pulse, we might have a buyer that is just right for your home. If you would like one of our team to contact you to arrange an up to date market opinion of the value of your property please contact us.

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