Off Market Sales are on the Rise

With the low levels of properties on the market in Launceston at the moment we are finding that the occurrence of an off market sale is becoming a lot more common.

An off market sale is when a buyer negotiates to buy a property that has not been exposed to the open market. This can be done directly with the seller or through an agent.

A good agent will have a strong database of home owners that, given the right price, will sell. The ability to match a buyer with a house is becoming a rare skill that is needed in a market where buyers are becoming increasingly frustrated about missing out on properties that are selling quickly.

But do you get the best possible price if you sell off market? If a property is not exposed to all buyers in the market there is a risk that you have missed a buyer that would be prepared to pay more. That is where it is important to do your homework and use an agent that can advise you if you are getting a good price compared to other similar properties in the market.

At the same time a buyer who has been specifically matched with a property has the opportunity to put their best foot forward to secure the sale before anyone else and so are prepared to pay for that privilege.


Ever wondered what your home is worth?

It is always good to keep your finger on the pulse, we might have a buyer that is just right for your home. If you would like one of our team to contact you to arrange an up to date market opinion of the value of your property please contact us.

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