The Ultimate Moving Checklist

A successful home move requires good project management. And any experienced project manager will tell you that time management is the key to a good outcome. Being in control of time allows you to stay in control of your move and avoid as much stress as possible.


We have partnered with Kent Removals & Storage to put together this Ultimate Moving House Checklist as a way to pass on some of our expert project management skills.


The Universal Moving Home Rules

Whether you’re moving locally in Launceston, or across the globe, there are a few universal rules or core truths that apply to every move:


No Time for Hoarding

If you’re moving home, it is the perfect time to really have a good clean out. Decide exactly which of your belongings you need, and those that you can get rid of. While most of us are hoarders at heart, and it can be hard to part with some possessions, it’s worth keeping in mind that you pay for the volume of your move. There’s no point paying to move things that you don’t really need or use.


Begin Immediately

Time is important, so important that you should begin the process of organsing, packing and sorting as quickly and as early as possible. There are lots of things you can get a start on including:

  1. Sorting and packing up rarely used items such as CDs, records and photos
  2. Packing unseasonal clothing and items such as coats, Christmas trees or beach gear
  3. Deciding if you will require storage and organising it if you do
  4. Finalising details with your removal company and setting a date

The Moving Home Checklist

After you’ve come to grips with these universal truths, it’s time to start working through the following:

  1. Create an itemised list of all your heirlooms and precious items, so you can ensure that these items are treated with extra care throughout the move
  2. If you’re renting, you’ll need to provide at least a months’ notice to your landlord and set aside time to complete a vacate clean and final inspection
  3. Washing machines and dishwashers can be easily damaged if they aren’t moved properly, so you need to consult the manufacturing instruction booklet to check on moving instructions.
  4. Contact your removal company and ask them about their insurance policies, making sure they are flexible and comprehensive enough to suit your circumstances
  5. You’ve probably given out spare keys to friends, family and service providers so make sure you give yourself enough time to go around and collect these before handover day
  6. Ask your employer for time off around the move, depending on the size of the move you may need the days either side of the move off as well as the actual moving day itself
  7. Start finishing up any maintenance that is required by the contract. You don’t want the move to be delayed because you can’t find a handyman in time
  8. When packing, keep in mind:
    1. You should purchase high quality packing material and moving boxes. If you start the packing process using second-hand, poor quality supplies, you cannot expect your treasures to arrive in tip-top condition
    2. Keep boxes under the 20kg weight limit. If you don’t, the box is likely to break under the weight, and it will be too difficult to move
    3. Ensure that all your boxes are free from empty space and air pockets. This empty space allows your precious items to move around, bump into one another, and greatly increases the chance of breakages. Instead, fill all empty space with bubble wrap, white butcher’s paper or clothing and towels
    4. Treat fragile items carefully, using additional bubble wrap to separately wrap each item, and marking the outside of boxes with a big ‘Fragile’ label.


This checklist is the perfect tool to base your project management around. It’s advice you can trust and it will put you on the path towards a successful move.


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