What is a downsizer?

What is a down sizer and what are they looking for in Launceston?

A typical down sizer is someone approaching retirement or already there and looking to move from their existing home because that home does or may not suit their needs as their life style changes.

Whilst it’s called downsizing, sometimes it’s not just to do with the size of the home. It’s quite often the features of the home that’s motivating their desire to move addresses.

Close to Amenities
Generally they are thinking for the future, whilst they still may be working, their buying thoughts are more so when they start to slow down. They will be attracted to areas that you can walk to shops, cafes.

The rule of thumb is that parking should be at the same level as the living spaces and ideally the master bedroom. This means that you can drive in and not have to walk upstairs or hills to access the home. Again they are thinking of the future. Whilst they may be quite capable of using stairs now they are making buying decisions for a stage when they may not be able to.

Down sizers are generally thinking about doing more travelling or they may have a second house that they like to use. A big buying decision is being able to lock up the home and not have to worry while they are away.


Ever wondered what your home is worth?

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